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Why you should have a professional website for your business

Why you should have a professional website for your business

Since the birth of the internet in 1983, we have certainly come along way. Everyone across the world is now connected to others via this complex web. This has become a vital part of the infrastructure of the 21st century. Today, any individual or enterprise can own and operate his/her own website and domain. Physical visits to shops are now a thing of the past, many business’s gather their traffic through their website. Some small businesses with older management might think that a website is an unnecessary cost. That is not the case, here’s why you can benefit from a professional website.

A website will make your business credible and professional

A website shows that your business has a presence online. 3/4ths of visitors judge a company’s credibility based on how professional their website looks. If you do have a website, make sure it is at least made with a tool like WordPress and has reputable hosting. Its best to not cheap out on something that will make many first impressions. Studies have shown that 30% of potential customers will not consider a business without a website.

Its one of the best ways to save money

Some argue that paying a website developer is very costly, but you can lose money by avoiding making a website. For instance, advertising by newspapers, television and other physical methods come at great cost. But on your website, it is as simple as editing the content and placing an ad. Furthermore, the customers that find your site through google search will compensate the cost greatly.

24/7/365 Accessibility                                                                                                           

Rather than help desks or hotlines, which are human based, a website is available at any time. If you run your business without a website, then you run the risk of loosing a large audience during downtime. A website can be used to shop, post questions, ask support regardless of time.

Target a broad customer base

Combined with social media marketing, you can provide links to your website on your business’s social media. This will enable more people to visit your website conveniently, thus increasing customers.

It is a canvas where you can display your best products/designs

Whether your business offers products or services, you can display those that have the highest acclaim. You can also choose to display your top-rated reviews and customer feedback. This will increase new customer faith and bring you a good name.

Time and manpower saving

Time can be saved, if your website has an information section, with data like business location, event details, open hours. The reason is, if customers cannot find such basic details online, they call the hotline. Thus, you end up having to pay the hotline operator and a costly fixed line subscription. Furthermore, implementing features like google maps can save the customers time as well. This effect can vary greatly depending on the type of your business.


Greater customer service reach and customer satisfaction

Simply the existence of a website can persuade certain customers to contact you through it. This is truer for the youth who find phone calls annoying and prefer to use email or chat. This can be extended further if you have service accounts on social media. Better, faster customer service eventually increases customer satisfaction which leads to a positive impression on your business.

Full ownership and control

In situations like advertising and customer service, you can enforce more control if integrated directly with your website. For instance, you cannot rely on social media marketing alone. With a cheap/free website, control over your content is very limited. If you have a professionally made website, then it will provide a sturdy backbone for online activities.

Ability to attract new customers through search engines

The first thing people do when they want a product is Google it, this is something common to all of us. Google is one in several search engines. By using a process called Search Engine Optimization, you can make sure that your company’s website comes out on top. Always remember, countless numbers of users are searching for someone like you online!

You can overtake giants of the industry

Older, more established companies might not have very prominent websites. You can use this as an opportunity along with SEO to make sure your website gets the spotlight when searched. This is how a new company can overtake industry giants.

A website guarantees long term success

If you are reading this, then most probably you are a small business owner or a curious entrepreneur. And the secret to turning your business into a large corporation lies in the long-term plan. Without a website you will be out of sight for the 4.5 billion internet users. Hence, a website must be a prominent part of your plan on the long run.

Lastly, it is not hard to create a professional website

Many approaches are available in doing so. You can do it for dirt cheap, using tools like WordPress and Free hosting solutions. But as shown above, that comes with its own disadvantages. Or you can spend a bit more and ensure that your website is in the hands of a professional web design agency. This is the path we most recommend, and for a heads up, head over to to begin your journey. I bid you safe travels on the web!